CCTV and Security Systems

Immediate detection and a rapid response are essential to prevent or limit damage or theft. CCTV systems have proved to be one of the most important weapons in improving security, safety and deterring crimes such as shoplifting, robbery and internal theft/shrinkage.

Radon Security will design, install and maintain closed-circuit CCTV systems for your home or business. We can install cutting-edge security camera systems for your business and home including the latest Network cameras (or Internet Protocol cameras).

Whether you need a simple CCTV system to act as a deterrent or a complete CCTV Monitoring solution with recording and archiving capability - Radon Security can advise the most appropriate solution for you. From an initial site survey through to commissioning your system, Radon Security will help you find the most cost effective, manageable, and flexible CCTV monitoring solution for your business needs.

Benefits of Using Our Security Systems

24-hour Monitoring

Visible Deterrent

Physical Barriers – Preventing Unauthorised Entry

Professional, Reliable and Reassuring Service

Reduced Risk / Insurance Savings

Comprehensive Insured Security Service Provider

Full Management and Operational Support

Flexible to Meet Requirements

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